Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Directors Journal #4

Wow! Talk about busy!

Everyone is working so hard to not only get this thing in the can but to make it ooze with greatness! I am always amazed at the detail that the team takes on this project. It makes the overall finished product even that much more enjoyable and entertaining.

Everything has a story. From the small stain on the couch to the deteriorated wall on the inside of the house. I can't wait to share more with all of you!

Right now we have Duane making the finishing touches on the chair and the main character Chris while Brian slaves away at finishing the set before we move into production. We're really excited to start shooting while still making preperations for production on the rest of the film.

We decided to outsource a few things such as props, furniture, etc to some good friends in California and we'll encourage Jared to make some posts on that soon.

I decided that as soon as we're ready, we'll throw up some concept art of the inside of the house (where the action is) to give you a guys an idea of the look and tone of the film. More of that soon to come!


  1. Watching !

    and the chair looks fantastic!!


  2. I like the chair I thought it was a full size build! Good Job! Hope thing come together quickly and this thing really takes off for you.