Monday, June 22, 2009

Have a Seat, part three

The chair is finished!

You are going to have to forgive me for being a little sparse on details... First I was out of town for almost a week and then I was sick for even longer - so this post is a long time coming! I didn't take a lot of production pics because I just wanted to get it finished ASAP.

For those of you who enjoyed all the details, here is a quick rundown of what has happened since the last post.
  • Used epoxy putty on the feet to sculpt the shape and also affix a bolt to the bottom of the feet for attaching the chair securely to the set (see pic below)
  • Used "Goop" to glue the threading all over the chair. Yea, that's real threading from a fabric store.
  • Cut out balsa wood panels for the front of the arms. Stained them with walnut-covered wood stain.
  • Painted the feet with the same wood stain.
After that, the chair was finished!

And here is where the story gets a little sad, well for me anyway. This chair is supposed to look old and beat-up. Only problem is, it looks brand new. So, after having just made the chair perfect and beautiful, I went to town making it look "old" with the help of my sanding dremel and wood stain.
What do you think?



  1. My god!!! That is so amazing, I just want to plant my ass in it and get all comfy!!

  2. Hey thanks for the compliments guys!!