Sunday, January 10, 2010

Director's Journal #5

Duane our resident Animator kicks off the new year with a HARRUIKAN!

Howdy folks and happy New Year! The beat goes on and I guess that means so do we. Our latest production meeting, I took the liberty to snapping some pics on the progress and excited to show them off here on the blog. The set is right on the brink of being done and it's already looking great! Our main character Chris is taking shape and gaining personality. We will be revealing him soon!

Our meeting this last weekend was generally to set up and lay out the very first shots of animation and make sure we were all on the same page. Coming from experience in live-action, it's interesting to see the differences that stop-motion has to offer. For example, no need for a boom mic! Below are some of the images I was able to take at the meeting. A lot more is coming soon as we begin actual production of "Moving Day!"

Mr. Wohlers pops up from the trap door to work on the set. Yes, each and every floorboard (tongue depressors) had to be glued down and wood stained

The trap door is the last to be laid with floorboards. The staircase that you see here is drywall with cut out steps. Mr. Wohlers will fill everyone in on a special post on the construction of each of the elements in the set.

This is a general layout shot of the inside of the house. We just wanted to set up some framing and spacing options. The fireplace in the background will be created by Steve who just uses some dry wall as a visual. An entire post could be dedicated on the fireplace alone. We're talking green screen, separate LED's and a very customized design!

Matter of fact, here is some of the concept art for the design and construction. Inside the actual firebox are going to be placed a strip of LED's to light the green screen in the back. It's important to isolate a light source just for the green screen. What's interesting about this is that the green screen itself will only be inches and the light source itself will have to be tiny. THANK YOU modern technology LED's!

Here we see the semi-winding staircase that leads from the top of the stairs.

Again lining up and mapping out our shots. Nick (Producer) and Duane (Animator)

Where the magic happens! A peek into the character creation.

Dad? Just some concept art of Chris' dad. He may be on the site but not in the actual animation. More to come on that!

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