Monday, May 4, 2009

Director Journal #2

Time for another journal folks!

Well, we are definitely moving onwards and upwards! We're just about done with the teaser and it is looking good! I can't wait until we can show the world! We're expecting a great response from it.

One of the unsung heroes and behind the scenes gems is the rigger for the film, Jared Kauffroath. He has just completed our first track and dolly for "Moving Day." It's basically a souped up dolly that has the ability to completely control your track so you can move the camera in and out for effect frame by frame. We're going to make a post on the making of it here pretty soon so look for that!

We would also like to welcome a few others to our team. Our newest animator, Scott Collins will be helping with the teasers, trailers and final film. Also, Scott Petrie will be another behind the scenes gem working on all of our professional armatures.

We expect great things and if not, it's curtains! JK...

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