Friday, April 24, 2009

Director's Journal #1

I've decided to write up a weekly journal here on the blog especially as there is more being done in the background that we won't post for a little while yet. Sure I can tell you about it but I won't show it to you... yet.

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Lately we've been swamped. From storyboards and animatics to script changes and teasers. We are proud to say that our teaser should be out in less than a few weeks and we are all in agreement that it's going to be awesome. We were really proud of the shoot we did and aside from the arduous task of creating motion frame by frame, it was fun!

Most of a stop-motion animation or an animation in general is taken up in pre-production. As anyone can imagine, since production takes so much time and energy, it is extremely important to make sure that you really take the time in pre-production to lay out exactly how the film is going to look, feel, sound and animate. This is an interesting medium as the film almost essentially created in one form or another one maybe two times before you even animate it.

So my day mostly consists of looking at the script, thinking of the shots, drawing the shots, making animated storyboards, thinking of lighting for each scene, the animation and how characters and objects will move in each scene and how music can impact these scenes.

We look forward with high optimism as we are getting a GREAT response just on the little marketing we've done and we're expecting to push forward and really get out there and "wow" quite a few people so check back often as we slowly trickle out more and more behind the scenes photos, videos and more!

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