Monday, March 30, 2009

Set Lighting Tests

I figured I would do a few lighting tests now that the exterior test set for the house has finished. The main purpose for doing lighting tests is to find that perfect mood you want for the film and to see how the light can create a specific feeling for the house by it's shadows an reflection.

Now, the test set was painted gray, more for lighting excersizes and because we weren't entirely sure which color we would like in the end. The gray also allows us to look at the structure of the house in different colors based on the gels we use on the lights rather than create a house for each color we would like to see it in.

So click on "Read More" for basic walkthrough and images of a few lighting tests done on the set.

So the first lighting test was with more abstract and extreme colors like blue and green. Now keep in mind that this is supposed to take place in the early morning. These colors would not work very well. At least not for the morning:

I do like the green but it does not stay true to the script. Story is king! Maybe I'll use it for some more intense inside shots.

Now let's try something more warm like the rising sun. I thought almost immediately of some kind of purple but unfortunately it was a little too strong:

As you can see it was a bit too much. I went a little lighter, a little more yellow or orange.

We're getting closer. It's warmer and as you can see from the other images as well, the audience should be able to guess where the light source, or the sun is coming from; behind the house. It still doesn't quite look as "morning" as I would like it to be so combining a few gels on my fill, back, and keylight such as "yellow", "deep orange" and "rose" should do the trick. and viola!

Not too bad. Now am I married to this? Nah.. there will probably be a few tweaks here and there but it's definitely a good start.

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